The Team


Below, you can read about us working together in the Human Toolbox. If you are more curious about each of us, please watch the video. 
Some of us work only IRL, others only OnLine and some of us with all the parts.

We have a lot to do, many of which need tools that make everyday life easier. If you are curious about being one of the gang, get in touch and tell us who you are and what you want to do.

Susanne Limnell
Founder of Human Toolbox 
Lic NLP Semantic Trainer as well 
The Expand Method Trainer

Mobil +46708 23 94 54

Entrepreneur in several industries since 1993, economist, ex. real estate agent, bank clerk, production planner at a pharmaceutical company and sales manager in health care.

Susanne has actively developed since 1998 and also actively dismantled old knowledge since 2016.

The time is here to share experiences. Susanne is passionate about the responsibility of supporting the leaders of the future. That’s why she founded Human Toolbox.

Susanne is also a mother and a grandmother who, among other things, loves dancing, yoga and spending time with loved ones.

“I don’t think we are here to learn, we are here to remember who we are” // Susanne Limnell

How and why Susanne started with personal development. Probably, as for most people, the inner journey began when life was extremely tough.

Anna Björnberg
Transformative voice coach as well 
ICF and Transformative TP Coach

Mobil +4670 830 08 11

Has extensive experience from the stage as a singer, with tour life in Sweden and Europe. Trained ICF and Transformative TP coach, certified in grief processing, DISK and worked many years as a teacher. Running business since 2008 and created own method as Transformative voice coach. Guides holistically with the voice as a tool for well-being via voice therapy, voice training and energy work. With greater voice awareness and body presence, security increases and the prerequisite for a free and safe voice.

Anna’s greatest driving force is to contribute and inspire. Loves being a mother to a teenager, dances freely, meditates and writes her own music.

Anna tells when she lost her voice 
and how it came back stronger than ever. 

Sofia Singemo

Sofia Singemo
Dipl. Sociologist and Communicationologist 

Mobil +4670 718 13 28

Sofia has a degree in sociology at the bottom, and began to delve into the relationship between body and bud early on. Her curiosity about how we function inside has led to her being a qigong, mindfulness and yoga instructor today. Also works as a coach and masseuse.

For almost 30 years, she has inspired and coached individuals and groups to increased presence, more awareness and the courage to leave the comfort zone to create lives where they feel good. 

“Life feels extremely meaningful when I get to inspire people to grow and create their lives where they thrive…”

Sofia found a simple way to recover in everyday life as a stressed parent of young children.