Could Joy and Playfulness be a Key to Changing the World?!

In today’s extremely serious world, it can be easy to forget the importance of joy and playfulness in our lives. But what if… these two elements are actually the key to creating a better world? 

Joy comes in many forms and strengths. It can be the bubbling feeling of happiness when we are with our loved ones, maybe acting like a “crazy person” that make us wince with laughter or the quiet peace we feel when we are barefoot in the grass. Joy is not just a feeling – it is an energy that permeates our entire existence. And the most amazing thing about joy is that when it is present, fear and worry have no place to exist.

Think about the children when they play. When they encounter an obstacle, they don’t look at it as a problem. Instead, they see it as a challenge that they can overcome to continue their game. They are filled with a playfulness that is contagious and inspiring. And the game doesn’t start when you say how long you’re going to play, you keep going as long as it’s fun. There are always certain rules because the game ends in something, otherwise there is no point in starting. If the game doesn’t suit you, you change it, do something else or with someone else if you don’t agree. Now that we are adults and finally get to decide for ourselves without parents who say we should stop when it’s the most fun for food or sleep then…. we have come up with SERIOUS GAMES with deadlines, rules we are not allowed to have opinions about, wars and other things . Who decided this game?!

In the movie “Mamma Mia” there is a memorable scene where the lead roll, Donna, was asked “You sound like your mother, What happened?”. Her answer “I grew up”. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of maintaining our playfulness throughout life. Being playful doesn’t mean you’re not serious about what you do – it means embracing the playful and joyful sides of life, even when there are challenges to face.

“Grow down” is my motto that I carry with me after that realization and I would like to share the motto with you in this chaotic times. It’s not about losing our adulthood or responsibility, but rather about embracing the joy and playfulness that exists within us. By doing so, we can not only improve our own lives, but also spread joy to those around us.

So let’s remember to be like children sometimes – to play, laugh and have fun without being limited by fear or worry. Let’s grow down and let joy flow freely through our lives. Because when we are filled with joy and playfulness, we have the power to change the world into a place filled with light and love.

Imagine if there were several of us who for a week tried to look at everything that happens in our lives with the eyes of playfulness…. are you in?! //Susanne Limnell

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