💥 Sharing Experiences for Collective Growth. During my time at the bank, I experienced a significant realization that influenced my perspective on the workplace and society as a whole. 

🍽️ It was a day when I was having a private lunch with our CEO, and inadvertently found myself in a situation where I recognized the difference between being an individual player and a team player

❓We were interrupted by the HR manager, who seemed surprised to see us having lunch together. She made a comment with description of me as “very ambitious” but “a bit careless”. That caught my attention. It struck me that she had never worked with me and therefore had no insight into my work style. This prompted me to reflect on how I interacted with my colleagues and what I contributed to the group. I realized that I was the only one openly sharing my mistakes and lessons learned. 

🪞Why did I do that? Because I believed that by sharing my failures, our group could grow and avoid repeating the same mistakes. We could do an even better job for our clients. But when I realized I was alone in this, I began to reflect on why that was the case.

😱 The fear of making mistakes and the fear of being judged by others are powerful forces that often hold us back from being open and honest. But I realized that real strength comes from having inner security to distinguish between our actions and who we are. Understanding that we can make mistakes without being flawed as individuals is an important part of self-acceptance.

😄 By openly sharing our experiences, both the good and the less favorable ones, we can collectively grow and create a better world. We need to remove our masks and show our true selves, with both our flaws and our fantastic abilities. 

🙏 Being human involves making mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we are flawed as individuals. Let’s be grateful for both our mistakes and successes, share our lessons learned.

🔝 I believe we are in a time where we must embrace openness and collaboration and strive for collective growth to bring about real change. When we can be vulnerable, sharing our experiences and work together we can lift each other up and reach new heights together. 

❓So, the question is: 
Are you an Individual player who keeps your experiences to yourself, or are you a Team player who shares to help us all grow and evolve together?

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